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April 2011 Wichita SQL Server User Group Meeting

April 2011 WSSUG Meeting

Topic:    Accelerating your Database and Applications with Fusion-io Technology
Date:   Thursday, April 21st, 2011, 6-8:30PM
Speaker:   Brian Terry
Location:   Glorious Bible Church
Overview:   Fusion-io is a pioneering purveyor of NAND Flash based ioMemory –a non-volatile technology that physically acts like persistent memory, yet logically acts like disk. Our presentation will describe ioMemory as a new performance tier that enables data decentralization and consolidation through performance.

 We will explore NAND Flash technology implementations and contrast these to Fusion-io’s approach to leveraging this technology to provide massive performance improvements. Additionally we’ll discuss database and application use cases to illustrate how this technology can be quickly implemented any many common environments.

Sponsor:   Sogeti USA  

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